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Port Barton is a beautifully situated fishing village and is located on the beautiful island of Palawan. Port Barton is mainly known for its picturesque beauty, white beaches, relaxed atmosphere and the pearl farm.

Although Port Barton is becoming increasingly popular with travelers, it is still very authentic and luckily less touristy than El Nido. 

Mow much does Port Barton cost?

When you go out for dinner in Port Barton, it’s best to bring approximately 500 pesos per person, although there are also local eateries where a meal costs only 50 pesos.

Do you want to explore the area of ​​Port Barton? Think about 500 pesos for a day of kayaking, or 500 pesos for 24 hours renting a scooter. The scooter rental is higher because the gasoline prices here are higher than in larger cities on Palawan.


Gacayan is perfect for cheap local food, but you have to be patient because sometimes it can take an hour before you’re food is ready. At Big Mama’s you can go for Mexican, at Kraken you eat sushi, at Reef Cafe you go for good burgers. Gorgonzola has delicious pizzas, but beware: the pizzas are really large so you can easily share one. Mojito’s has everything on the menu and you will find wonderful lounge sofas. “In the evening you can watch the stars and everything is beautifully lit. Mabuti for vegetarian meals but also just delicious! And healthy food at Happy Bar (on the beach), Besaga is grilling on the beach, Oasis has everything and Bikini is a new place with good service.


For a great evening with live music you can best go to the Native Bo Bar, the local reggae bar. The live music is until about 11 PM, after which you can have a drink at The Hangover Bar. These two bars are only a 3-minute walk away. A new nightclub called Sirku club has just opened, a DJ is playing here every night.

Recommended accommodations​

  • Elsa’s (located directly on the beach)
  • Ausan (at the beach in a tree house)
  • Rubin Resort (also has a swimming pool)
  • My green hostel (a dorm)
  • Summer homes (at the beach)
  • Deep moon (at the beach)


You must withdraw enough money to travel through Palawan. If you want to withdraw more money at once, I advise you to go to BPI. You can record 20,000 Pesos at once. At other banks it is usually 10,000 Pesos.

In Port Barton are recently three ATM’s (sometimes they’re out of money)

Please note that when you withdraw money from an Euronet ATM you choose for ‘without conversion’, because then exchange rate is always lower.


Do you want to be online in Port Barton? Then you have a problem. The Wifi in most accommodations do not work very well or are very slow. In this case we advise you to buy a SIM card from Globe or Smart, but it does not work in all places. Usually the range around 01.00 is the best for 4G connection, everyone uses the same mast and most of the time this is overloaded.

Malaria & Dengue

For all information about mosquitoes with Dengue and Malaria, we recommend contacting the Health center close to the ABCD store. They will provide the correct information about this.


In Port Barton is 24/7 electricity, sometimes there is a ‘brown out’ and this means you will not have electricity for a few hours. Some of the accommodations turn off the electricity in the nighttime.

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      Wat een toppertjes deze tourguides Bianca en Coco! Naast het feit dat de omgeving van Port Barton echt een pareltje is en zij de juiste plekken weten te bezoeken,... read more


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